I’m Lindsey Triplett and I’m “The Farmer’s Granddaughter.” Specifically, a beef cattle and retired dairy farmer’s granddaughter. From a young age, I was practically raised on my grandparent’s 200-acre Black Angus beef cattle farm in Damascus, Arkansas. My momma worked a lot being a single parent, so many days were spent with my grandma (Mamaw) inside cooking, cleaning, or learning skills like sewing. I remember lots of times I’d help her fill up a mason jar full of sweet tea, a giant water jug full of ice water, and then fix a bologna sandwich to take out to my grandpa (Papaw) who was outside on his tractor. My days were filled with activities like this or tagging along with Papaw; feeding cattle, fixing fence, going fishing, and riding in the cab (or sometimes even the bucket) of his tractor. It was these experiences that taught me hard work, dedication, and a deep-rooted love for agriculture.

Nowadays, I’m Farm Credit of Western Arkansas’ Communications Specialist and work to share my agriculture story.  I love people. I love agriculture. And I especially love telling people about agriculture. This blog is my story, my opinions and my experiences in ag and life in general. I’m so glad you’re here!



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